Friday, June 12, 2009

Technology Is Getting Better Every Day

You may remember the days of the first computers or cellular telephones; ah yes, people don't take that stuff for free at garage sales anymore. Technology has made advances in leaps and bounds, and with it, there have exploded whole new generations of devices: Bluetooth Devices, Flash Storage Devices, MP3 Players, Digital Media, Wireless Technologies, Text and Video Messaging, etc. There is practically a machine that does just about anything, cd duplicators, laminators, scanners, digital fax devices, self-guided vacuum cleaners. There seems to be an endless source of ideas and people willing to make it all happen. That's good news for you and me, the consumers.

We lead such incredibly busy lives that most of us don't actually have time to learn to program our digital devices or actually learn about every feature. When plug and play technologies became available, we all let out a big sigh of relief, allowing our devices to do everything for us. Now, you can just turn on your Bluetooth and it will automatically connect to your device. You just plug in your camera and you're ready to go. That's the greatest part of all. Every day, it gets easier and easier to use incredibly complicated devices. You just touch the mail icon on the screen and you're sending your messages in less than a minute. We've even invented new languages (text messaging) to be able to type as fast as possible.

The other great thing about so many new advances is the pricing. You can get almost any electronic device any more for between $50 to $300. With so many great products on the market, you can really shop around and see all the great deals available to make the best decisions. The next time you pick up that phone or portable device, take a minute to think about how great it is to have and how your life would be without it!

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