Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Securing Your Wireless Home Network Through MAC Filtering

One problem with wireless networks is that people who have wireless devices that are within the range of your network can access them. Even if you have set up a password for your wireless network, that password can also be hacked and access to your network can be gained. One way to further tighten up your network security is through MAC filtering.

MAC filtering is a network security procedure that only allows access to registered MAC addresses. A MAC address is the unique ID of a network device; no two computers or network device has the same. What this means is that only registered and authorized machines can access your wireless network. So even if they somehow managed to break or hack your password, they won't still have access if their address is not registered. This is a very effective way to ensure the network security of your wireless home network.

What you need to do is enable the MAC filtering function of your wireless router or access points. Most routers at present have this function. Next, you need to input the MAC address of the computers in your home network. Getting the MAC address is different from one operating system to another, but this should be found in the properties of the network device. Check your computer's manual or technical support for the procedure on getting the MAC address.

So, if you're very particular about the network security of your wireless network, then one thing you can do is to enable MAC filtering in your network.

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