Friday, June 12, 2009

File Recovery in Windows Vista If the Bootrec Can't Resolve Startup Issues

You might come across a number of issues while starting up your Windows Vista computer. These issues could be related to MBR (Master Boot Record), BCD (Boot Configuration Data) store and boot sector. Startup issues might prevent your system to boot up and thus you can not access files from your hard drive. This behavior of Microsoft Windows results into critical file loss situations and require Windows Data Recovery to be sorted out.

Startup issues in Windows Vista can be resolved with the help of Bootrec.exe utility in the Windows RE (Windows Recovery Environment). This tool can troubleshoot and repair the below items in Microsoft Windows Vista:


Boot Sector

BCD store

Damage or issues with these Windows Vista items generally cause startup problems.

When you attempt to troubleshoot startup issues using Windows RE, you should first use Startup Repair feature in System Recovery Options dialog box. If Startup Repair does not fix the problem or you need to troubleshoot more steps, use Bootrec.exe utility to perform File Recovery.

To run Bootrec.exe utility, follow the underwritten steps:

Insert Windows Vista installation DVD in disk drive and restart the system.

Press a key when you're prompted.

Choose a language, time, currency, keyboard or input method and click Next.

Select Repair your computer.

Choose the OS that you wish to repair and click Next.

In System Recovery Options dialog box, select Command Prompt.

Type Bootrec.exe and press Enter key.

Bootrec.exe tool supports a number of options such as /FixMbr, /FixBoot, /ScanOs, and /RebuildBcd. Select an option, which is appropriate for your situation.

Though, Bootrec.exe is a useful utility, but in some situations like severe file system corruption, system partition damage and partition table corruption like situations, it may not help you. In such case, the problem persists and you need to go for Windows Data Recovery Software to get your missing, lost or inaccessible files back.

These are effective third party applications, which are capable of methodically scanning whole hard drive using efficient scanning mechanisms and retrieving all sorts of lost files. File Recovery Software come equipped with interactive and simple graphical user interface that let you perform easy, quick and absolute recovery of your mission critical files. Safe and original recovery is performed by these applications in all cases as they have read only conduct.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the most comprehensive and robust software that can recover lost files in all cases. It recovers files from all FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitions. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 RC1, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.

Robin Watson a student of Mass Communication doing research on windows data recovery software. He is also a freelancer for hard drive recovery.

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