Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Truly Fix DVD Drive Errors With This Guide

DVD drive errors can be caused by a whole number of underlying problems. The hardest, and most time consuming, part is finding the exact cause of these errors. Whether your DVD drive is displaying 'incorrect function' errors, refusing to install or whether your computer simply cannot read the CD/DVD in the drive. There are a few things that you can try in order to identify the cause of the problem and rectify these issues.

1. Check the power supply to your DVD drive. This is particularly relevant if your DVD drive is failing to show up at all. First check all cables leading to your computer from the power source, and then check the functionality of your keyboard, mouse and monitor. If everything appears to be fine, try checking the main power cord that leads from your wall outlet or surge protector by plugging it in a few times. Better yet, try a replacement cord to be sure that you can eliminate this possibility. If everything appears to be fine with the drive's power supply, the problem lies in the drive itself.

2. Clean the disc and/or laser lens This is a particularly common problem. The disc that you are attempting to play or the lens within the DVD drive could be dirty, causing an inability to play the disc. Use a good lens/CD cleaning kit and re-try.

3. Clean your Windows registry If your errors still persist after trying the above, the problem could very well be that your Windows registry and a number of entries within this registry have become corrupted. Whilst this sounds rather serious, it can in fact be solved very easily with a quick registry scan and clean-up. Modifying your registry manually, if you are not a PC technician or service specialist, is highly risky. Modify your registry incorrectly and you could cause serious problems with your computer.

It is therefore recommended that you use professional registry cleaning software to solve the issues within your registry. After rigorous testing on 10 of the best registry cleaners available, experts found several to be the best solution to Windows registry problems, allowing you to fix DVD drive errors with ease. Most registry tools also offers a completely FREE registry scan in order for you to determine whether or not the Windows registry is the cause of your DVD drive error problems. A comprehensive list and explanation of any corrupt registry entries will be displayed, with the option for you to continue removing these entries or simply continue the search for your underlying DVD error problems elsewhere.

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