Thursday, June 4, 2009

It is Easier Than Ever to Find Info on People Without Expense

It's easy to find info on people for little or no money these days. Public records databases have been required to open their data stores to the public and many small companies have taken the opportunity to write programs and create sites designed to intelligently retrieve data about people in those public records databases.

A great number of these small companies offer up significant information for free. It's entirely possible to find info on people like names, relatives, addresses, and phone numbers without any out of pocket expenditure. Most sites simply require you or I give up our names and email addresses but savvy people know ways around that too by using spare email accounts set-up with phony or bogus aliases.

I did a search on myself the other day and was rather alarmed at how easy it was to find out my own personal information, who my relatives are, and even my address and phone numbers. It's even possible to find out who owns cell phone numbers now (comes in quite handy when you're getting annoying calls at 4am from people trying to harass you). Finding out what information is available about yourself can be quite enlightening in its own right!

Truth is - whether you're trying to get the upper hand in a business negotiation, or trying to verify the accuracy of an applicants information, or you're checking up on the family of the boy your daughter is dating it is easier than ever to find info on people. These days you can't be too careful with whom you do business. It only makes sense to search public records to find info on people and avoid the many scam artists and bad apples in our midst.

Matt E. Spitz -

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