Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Get Someone You Know Switch to Macintosh

If a Mac is so great why doesn't more people use them? Almost everyone I know are happily using Windows not knowing what they are missing. Often they ask me: why are you using that Mac? I get this question from time to time and I have developed a good routine in how to answer those questions. You want to know how I confront this?

First I tell them that I use a Mac because I like it and it suit my needs perfectly. And then I do not give them anymore. Sometimes they say OK and move on with their life. If that is the case it is OK. You do not have to defend what you like for anyone, that is your choice alone.

Other times they start asking questions and these questions I try to answer as honestly as possible. If I sense more interest from the person I usually start demonstrating a feature I like with Mac OS X. This can spark more questions from the subject and eventually get the snowball running.

As a person I am not the one that likes being subjected to sales pitch. And therefore I try to keep the same attitude when I need to speak to others about a product I like. Sometimes the person asking you questions actually expect sales pitch from you. Prove them wrong! This can also spark some interest because your answer is unexpected. It is not sales pitch.

If someone asks me what kind of problems I have had with my Macs I am honest there too. For example I had a bad battery once, Apple replaced that battery without question. If you keep being dead honest it will be easier for you to convince users to switch. In the end it is about what I like, not what others like me to use.

Author: B. Kibsgaard

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