Friday, June 12, 2009

Laptop's Temperature Control Tips

How to keep your laptop's temperature normal steady? The following information will help to keep your laptop's temperature normal and steady.

You need a software which will monitor your laptop's temperature any time without having to check it from BIOS which need to restart your laptop, so that you can decide what you have to do when the temperature is high. I used NHC 2.0 (Notebook Hardware Control) software to monitor my laptop, it is user friendly and free software, and you can control the hardware and system power management of your laptop. Otherwise you can customize your laptop ACPI control system, cool down the system and reduce power consumption, etc. If you have a Dell laptop or problems with the above version please use the other bug fix version.


Do not place your laptop on a place which the air circulation is not swift, like on a bed, sofa etc. Because the fan in your laptop gets the air supply from the bottom of laptop, therefore you have to place it on the hard flat surface place, like a table, floor, etc. Exception: you can place it on the bed or sofa or anything else if you only have an external laptop's cooler which usually installed in the bottom of your laptop.

If you found your CPU's temperature more than 60C and keep rising, check your cooler fan, if its rotation keep working, it's mean you have to check the air disposal of it, make sure it's not bold dusty, clean it using small vacuum cleaner or you can open the laptop's case if necessary. After finishing that step, you can turn on your laptop and check the temperature after 10 minutes. If the temperature is still rising to 70C or more then you have to replace your internal cooler fan.

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