Monday, June 8, 2009

Disk I-O Error - Status 00000001 Error in Microsoft Windows

When you attempt to start your Microsoft Windows computer, you might come across some error messages that indicate missing OS loader and input/output errors. In such situations, the system can not boot up and you can not get into it to access your hard drive partitions and data. This behavior of Microsoft Windows causes partitions loss and requires Partition Recovery solutions to be fixed.

In a practical scenario, when you start an NT based version of Microsoft Windows, you might encounter the following error message:

"OS Loader v4.01 
Disk I/O Error: Status 00000001 
Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: 
Please reinstall a copy of this file."

After this error message, the boot process gets halted. At this point, you need to find out the cause of this problem and carry out Partition Recovery by resolving it.

Root of the issue

You may come across this behavior of Microsoft Windows if any of the below given situations is true:

  • You use any third party disk partitioning tool to expand the size of system partition.
  • You apply either a software update or service pack, which replaces the Windows system files and files that are needed to start MS Windows.

Nevertheless the cause of the above error message, the ultimate result would be the loss of your mission critical data. In such cases, resolving the issue becomes significant for retrieving lost data.


In order to sort out this problem and gain access of your critical data, use following methods:

  • Format the hard drive and partition it to increase or decrease the size of system partition.
  • Carry out clean reinstallation of the operating system and then install latest updates.
  • If you have current and complete backup of your data, then restore it to get your data back.

Though, these methods may help you, but also have some disadvantages. Repartitioning and formatting removes all of your critical data from hard drive. In case of unavailability of backup, the situations may become more critical. In such case, Partition Recovery Software comes for your help.

These are powerful and advanced third party applications that use efficient and effective scanning mechanisms to scan the hard drive, locate lost partitions and recover them. With interactive and simple user interface, the Partition Recovery Software are very easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the most comprehensive and robust tool to recover lost Windows partitions. This software recovers all FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitions. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 RC1, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.

Author is researching on the data loss condition in operating systems and hard drive partitions. For partition recovery author is using partition recovery software, for perfect recovery of lost partition data.

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