Saturday, April 18, 2009

Should You Buy a Monitoring Software? By Ray N Lakies

There are many parents who are planning of buying a computer monitoring software but are having doubts if the investment will be worth it or not. If you are one of these parents asking themselves whether they should buy a monitoring software or not, then you must know that getting these programs is one of the best ways that you can protect your kids from the dangers that lurk online. And if you have not heard of news about kids putting themselves in danger because of the Internet then it is probably time that you become aware of the perils that your child can encounter in the World Wide Web.

The greatest dangers that your child faces on the Internet are child offenders that are preying on young innocent kids. These criminals usually hang out on chat sites and even on social networking sites waiting for a victim. These guys can usually gain the trust of kids by posing as a helpful and even fun online buddy. Then they will try to get vital information from your kids such as your home address or where they go to school. It is during face to face meetings that these child offenders perform their heinous acts.

You cannot always be there whenever your child surfs the Internet. It is simply not practical. Banning your child total access to the Internet is also not an option also since doing so would be depriving them of the benefits of the Internet.

A better thing to do is to buy a monitoring software that can "look" at your kids activities online even if you are not around. When you buy a monitoring software you can have the peace of mind knowing what sites your child regularly goes to and then you can do appropriate actions based on your findings. The Best monitoring software I have found is PC Tattle Tail.
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