Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Portable Hard Disk Recovery (By Aggrey Mullwani)

Portable hard disk drives are a good way of backing up your data. There are external portable hard disks that can store up to 1 TB (1 terabyte...as in 1000GB of data). That's a lot of data. It is always advised to have backup. The most unfortunate thing is that these portable hard disks can also get damaged and one can risk losing their data.

One risk involved is that this hard disk can drop and get damage at any time. Most portable devices are bound to get damaged because they are being moved from place to place. This movement makes them more prone to damage. For example, say you are going for a company presentation on the products that you offer. Most of your information is stored on the external hard disk. Just as you leave the office, it falls down and crashes. Worse still (although this doesn't happen often), a car can come and run over the portable hard disk as it dropped on the street!! That's disastrous. You may say 'that will never happen to me' but I believe there is someone in this world who has experienced such an incident. So don't count your self out. After all that, one may ask 'how can I retrieve my backup data from my spoilt portable hard disk?'

The answer is quite simple: use data recovery services. Data recovery services does not only deal with internal PC and laptop hard disks, it also includes flash drives, portable hard drives and in other cases CDs and DVDS. I believe if floppy diskettes were still in use, then there would be recovery for the same. As I was saying, your portable disk can go through a recovery process and your data will be recovered. All you have to do is give your portable hard disk to the data recovery expert who will evaluate it and carry out a diagnosis. They will then give you a report on the data can be recovered. Once the go-ahead is given, the recovery process will begin and your data will be recovered.

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