Sunday, April 26, 2009

Importance of Keeping Safe From Spywares and Malwares (By Justin C Digg)

There are so many computer viruses which can affect the computer and spywares and malwares are one of them. The users may think that their computer is affected by these viruses if it gets too slow and sluggish even if there is not any program running. The spywares and malwares are very dangerous for the computers. The users can lose their personal information very easily if their computer is infected with these programs.

There are several types of spyware and malware which can damage the computer. Adwares appear on the screen in the form of advertising banners. These programs can damage the computer by sending information to the author. These programs can collect the keystrokes when you are logging in and can steal the password, users name and other personal information like credit card numbers.

Spywares and malwares are basically malicious software which not only collect the personal information but also damage the data. Technically malwares and spywares are different from each but the purpose of both these programs is same and that is to damage the computer. Virus and worms are also the part of these programs.

It is important to note that spywares and malwares spread into the computer system by itself. There are many programs which can be used to remove spywares and malwares. The users can get rid of these programs by installing anti spywares and anti malwares. If you want to protect your data and also speed up your computer then get rid of spywares and malwares as quickly as
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