Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Assignment No. 02 Software Engineering II (MCS).

Assignment No. 02 Software Engineering II (MCS).
Virtual Campus
Department of Computer Science
Software Engineering II (CSC 392)
Assignment 2
Deadline: 09 NOV 2014
General Instructions:

Ø Write your name and enrolment number clearly on top of your work.
Ø File name should be in the format (CSC392_A2_SP13MCSXYX.doc)
Ø One to two page answer is required for this assignment.\
Ø Copying data directly from Internet or Book without reference will be considered an act of plagiarism.

(Total Marks =10)

Q1: What is the concept of socio-technical system? How these systems are different than software? What are the major components of such systems?

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