Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Restore Windows XP Registry and Restore Your PC's Speed

To restore Windows XP registry and make your PC fast again, you must delete or repair your Windows XP registry errors. The most common source of performance loss in PCs is a corrupt Windows registry. Over time, the programs that we install and delete leave behind holes in our registry. These empty and corrupt registry keys can cause poor computer performance, Windows errors, blue screens, freezes, and even crashes.

Here are 3 Ways to Restore Your Windows XP Registry:

Note: Manually deleting registry errors requires a good understanding of the Windows registry.

Manually Delete Your Registry Errors Manually repairing your Windows XP registry takes some patience, especially if you are not used to getting your hands dirty with your computer. Manually repairing your registry is outside of the scope of this article; however, there are free guides to the exact procedures that you must use on websites such as

Use Free Registry Cleaner Software There are many registry cleaner freeware tools online that you can use to repair your registry. I always advise people to save any freeware download files to their desktop; and scan those files, before installing anything onto your computer.

In my tests, most of the free registry software was able to repair some of my registry errors. These can be used to fix some of the errors that cause system freezes and crashes; however, none of the free software that I tested was able to provide a significant performance increase in my own PC.

Use Paid Registry Repair & PC Optimization Tools To do this, you must download one of the top registry cleaners, and perform a scan. This scan will let you know how many errors the registry software was able to detect; however, to fully restore your Windows XP registry, you must register the software.

The free download will let you delete some of your registry errors and, in most cases, tune your memory, as well. Generally speaking, if you have over 500 registry errors that can be repaired by one of these registry programs, you will gain a significant increase in your PC's performance

Tired of your sluggish PC? Chris Padgett has tested over 20 free and paid registry cleaner programs to find out which cleaners actually deliver the best performance increase. Restore Windows XP registry safely, and restore your PC to its former glory.

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