Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Speed Up My PC - Find Out Today

How to speed up my PC? A registry cleaner is the answer! Registry cleaners are one of the fastest ways to get more speed on your PC, whether it is three years old or six months old, a registry scan and clean can produce some amazing results. You should always look at the reviews of the registry cleaner before you buy it. You want to look for a registry cleaner that has both pros and cons, but overall has lived up to its reputation. Do not purchase a registry cleaner that has glowing reviews as it is most likely a scam.

Once you have purchased the registry cleaner, install it on your computer. You should then restart, and then make a backup of your registry. In order to make a backup of your registry, click on start, run, type in "regedit" then hit enter. Now go to file, select export and save the file to external media such as a USB stick. Now you can run the registry scan. This process may take a few moments, so feel free to stand up, walk around, and do whatever you wish while the scan is running. After the scan has finished, check the list of infections and problems for anything that looks legitimate. Sometimes, registry cleaners can report false positives, files that you actually will need in order to keep your computer running. After you have removed the false positives, you can allow the registry cleaning program to take care of the rest of the problems and infections. It will now prompt, or automatically restart your computer. This will allow the registry to clear those errors for good, and restart in a clean condition. You should notice an extreme improvement in speed, due to the reduced size of the registry.

How to speed up my PC? Maybe your computer is not quite as fast as you have wished. There are a few things that you can do after having already done a registry cleanup. Try to defragment your computer's hard drive. This groups your computers files together, and will save time when you are switching programs, or files. Disk cleanup is another useful tool. It can help you increase the amount of disk space on your computer by deleting files in the recycle bin, temporary internet files and other unnecessary files.

How to speed up my PC? If all of these different tricks have not worked, and you have run an anti-virus and spyware program to remove infections, it may be time to take a look at your systems processes. Many of these are not necessary to operate your computer, and can be disabled. There are several guides available that tell you which ones are necessary, and which are not. Make sure you are careful, as disabling the wrong process can cause serious damage to your computer.

When you are trying to speed up your PC, you will need a registry cleaner that has been proven to remove all of the infections and problems on your computer. Do not use false knockoffs, or free versions as they will cause further damage to your computer!

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